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We used Selina to sleep train my 7 month old and it was life saving! I’ve been getting good sleep for years now thanks to Selina!!! She is my trusted advisor for sleep.

– E.G. (7 mo old child)

Selina is a wonderful sleep consultant and I can’t recommend her highly enough! We reached out to her when our toddler was having sleep challenges and she was patient, attentive, asked helpful questions, and gave us great suggestions that really helped turn things around for us. Our daughter is now sleeping through the night and we are so grateful! Selina has a wealth of experience and is an invaluable resource. I highly recommend her and plan to reach out to her again when we need help in the future.

– J.C. (2.5 yr old child)

We came to Selina looking for support and guidance on what was going on with our used-to-be good sleeper that quickly turned into routine nightly wake ups for months. We were exhausted but too scared to try any sort of sleep training or schedule transition without guidance. She looks at the situation holistically from sleep to overall schedule including naps and food. For us our baby was also transitioning to eating more solids and it all felt overwhelming. With some advice on the schedule and coaching through teaching our babe how to go to sleep independently we have been sleeping through ever since! The most valuable takeaway to me was the ongoing text support for two weeks. Her encouragement and support to a new mom was incredible both strategically and emotionally. I highly recommend Selina. We often joke that we’d be thrilled to have her as our parenting coach full time because sometimes you just need someone with experience to talk things out with.

– N.L. (11 mo old child)

Selina was our port in the storm of baby and toddler sleep troubles. Our 2nd baby was ready for independent sleep much earlier than our 1st and needed a whole different approach, which Selina was able to recognize and coach us on immediately. She was available whenever we needed her – and her calm and accepting demeanor chilled us out every time we connected. Her knowledge of the data, research and techniques was super impressive. We feel like we had our brains and freedom back quickly after reaching out to her. She did such amazing work for our baby, that we worked with her again when our toddler was roaming the house after transitioning to a big kid bed – and she was equally amazing and helpful! Thank you to the moon and back Selina!

– E.Z. (4.5 mo & 3.5 yr old children)

My husband and I struggled through a four month sleep regression with our two year old. We would occasionally read tips online, but didn’t have the confidence to follow through with many of the recommendations. Don’t wait to ask for help if you’re struggling with a child’s sleep. Long stretches of poor sleep affect every element of our lives as parents, partners, friends, and workers. Selina listened carefully to our struggles without judgement, created a detailed plan, taught us about how and why it would work, and then coached us through implementation for two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, our daughter was on board with a new routine and was consistently sleeping through the night in her own room. Truly my only regret was waiting so long to get reach out and ask for help.

R.J. (2 yr old child)